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My family thought we were in our home for the rest of our lives.  Some things changed in our life and were in the market for a new home.  Being in my current home for the last 16 years I really didn't know the process of buying a home and getting an inspector to check out the new home.  I was told about Caliber and called Stephen right away.  From the first conversation I was impressed with Stephen and excited for Caliber to hold my hand through this process.  Unfortunately we scheduled the inspection on the day of a huge snow storm.  Based on the news we reached out to the seller and they did not want to reschedule.  Stephen agreed to still come for an 8:00am appointment and he began driving 3 hours before the inspection to make sure he would get to the home on time.  Unfortunately at 7:30am the seller cancelled the appointment and Stephen had to travel home in 14 inches of snow to reschedule for the next day.  I really can't say enough great things about Caliber and the way Stephen risked his life to get to the appointment.  The following day we went through with the inspection and in one day I received over 100 pictures and a 144 page report with many things to be looked at.  Everything that was seen by Caliber was fixed by the seller and I am so greatful for that.  I would definitely recommend Caliber Home Inspection to anyone looking for a new home.

- Amy R.

Ive never done a home inspection before but I chose Stephen and I'm glad I did.  He was very thorough- he got there early and spent a good two hours inspecting the house.  Although the seller was annoyed I was glad because he explained a lot about the home to me which was great because I'm a first time home owner.  He inspected every detail of that home and gave me great advice- I would definitely hire him next time and pass on a recommendation.  It's hard to find people that truly care about their job.  Thanks again Stephen.  

- Sharde M.

Using Caliber Home Inspection was a homerun!! Being a first time home buyer I did not know everything I was looking for.  Steve arrived at the property an hour before our appointment to start on the exterior.  He took his time and went through the whole house meticulously.  When I received the report the next day it was extremely detailed and informative.  He followed up with a phone call to further explain some of the issues that arose.  With his detailed report I was able to renegotiate the purchase price and he made me fully aware of future expenses.  I fully recommend Caliber Home Inspection to everyone looking to buy a home!! Thank you Steve!!

- Mike D.

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